Jail for the LulzSec hacking gang members

20 May

Members of the notorious LulzSec hacking gang have been sent to jail.

Here are the sentences that each of them have received:

    • Jake Davis – “Topiary”
      Two years in a young offenders’ institution.
    • Ryan Cleary – “Viral”

    Imprisoned for 32 months, of which he will serve half.

      • Mustafa Al-Bassam – “T-Flow”

      20 months prison sentence suspended for two years, and 300 hours community service.

        • Ryan Ackroyd – “Kayla”

        30 months prison sentence, of which he will serve half.

        The judge apparently took Mustafa Al-Bassam’s age at the time of the offences into consideration when choosing to give him a suspended sentence.

        Read more: The men behind LulzSec

        Here’s just a short summary of just some of the hacks, internet attacks and indeed arrests associated with the LulzSec gang during 2011:

        • LulzSec suspect pleads not guilty to Sony Pictures website hack. If convicted, Cody Kretsinger, from Phoenix, Arizona, could face up to 15 years in prison.
        • LulzSec hacking suspect ‘Topiary’ arrested in the Shetland Islands. A court was later told that alleged hacker Jake Davis had 750,000 passwords in his possession.
        • LulzSec and Anonymous hacker suspects arrested by US, UK and Dutch authorities.
        • Britain’s leading tabloid, The Sun was hacked, and replaced with a bogus story announcing the death of Rupert Murdoch. In addition, readers who had participated in the newspapers’ competitions had their personal details exposed.
        • FBI searches LulzSec suspect’s home in Hamilton, Ohio.
        • EA Games resets users’ passwords following LulzSec hack.
        • The end of LulzSec? Hacking group says it is disbanding, after 50 days of attacks.
        • Ryan Cleary charged with DDoS attacks – SOCA (Britain’s Serious Organised Crime Agency) and other websites in the firing line.
        • SOCA website scalp claimed by LulzSec in apparent DDoS attack.
        • CIA website brought down by DDoS attack, LulzSec hackers claim responsibility.
        • EVE Online and other gaming websites hit by LulzSec DDoS attack.
        • LulzSec attacks US Senate and Bethesda Softworks.
        • 26,000 sex website passwords exposed by LulzSec.
        • Hackers steal Fox TV passwords, deface Twitter and LinkedIn pages.
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