Nigerian Govt Site Under attack – A Visit from Hell

27 May

They say that when the unthinkable happens the unimaginable is imagined. It is becoming a norm to hack,… but in the beginning, it was used to unveil vulnerabilities inherent in a web application; but now it has become a tool for some pressure groups to communicate their grudges. A couple of days ago, some activities was reported to have taken place on Sony website, after a few days, it happened again with Sony, in Greece, Indonesia, then Japan. Now it has entered Africa.

A Nigerian regional government website was attacked yesterday. They (the crackers) call it a “Visit from Hell”. In their statement, they said.

A Visit from HELL

Mr President, With great sadness in our heart we bring you this message.

The Nigerian General Elections of April 2011 have come and gone. But, yet again, like all important functions of the Nigerian political system, they have provoked violent uprisings in parts of Nigeria – this time, mostly in the Northern States of Nigeria – and they have left a legacy of blood and tears, and of inter-group animosity and hate.

Nigerians have endured it all – usually assured by political self-seekers and false prophets that such problems are temporary birth pangs of a new country. But the events of the past April, and of recent months, have at last blown away all this self-deception and we are saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

To worsen the matter, the FG is to spend N1b on Jonathan inauguration 

An inauguration is simply an induction into office, the formal transfer of power to an individual AND NOT a costly long-running festival nor a series of open-ended events organized into convoluted books and chapters.

We, NaijaCyberHactivists are therefore joining voice with other well-meaning Nigerians and WE SAY “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH”! WE ARE WATCHING and we promise that

1.) If the FG decides to go on with the N1b budget

2.) If the killers of “Mr. Tochukwu Uzukwu” aint fished out

3.) All those detained with the arrest and detention of Prof. Steve Torkuma Ugbah are not released


1.) Launch an attack against ALL financial institutions

2.) Launch an attack against the epayment bodies in the country

3.) Take down the Networks

4.) Cripple the telecommunication companies

5.) Take down all government sites.

We are not bluffing. .We are watching with interest and we give you till saturday to meet our TERMS.

This is probably how they want to make their statement and “hand over the whip to the horse”, I wonder in this case who is the horse.

They did not end it there, they also posted what they call “hack log” on another site, you need to see it! Did you just ask where? Ok I’ll show you later! But the most important thing here is that I’m going to get you informed as it happens. Sit tight and visit more oft.

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